Old Sacramento Waterfront

June 14, 2022

Old Sacramento Waterfront

Exploring the Old Sacramento Waterfront

Sacramento is a city filled with wonder, and the Old Sacramento Waterfront is a testament to this. Locals love this slice of living history that makes our city unique. Visitors know it to be the must-see spot when you only have a day to spend in the city. Here’s why we love it:

A Little History on the Old Sacramento Waterfront

Deeply rooted in American history, Sacramento was founded as part of the famous California gold rush. The waterfront played a big role in its development, as the city quickly grew into a major trading center for miners and merchants. However, two major floods (two years apart) wiped out much of the waterfront development. A third flood devastated the city about 10 years later. 

And yet, our beautiful city kept rebuilding. To us, the Old Sacramento Waterfront serves as proof of perseverance. The district has preserved more than 50 historic buildings and continues to thrive with retail, tourism, and adventure. 

Must-Visit Sites at the Old Sacramento Waterfront

Whether you’re visiting for a day, a week, or longer, the Old Sacramento Waterfront offers a place where you’ll naturally want to spend time. The Firehouse Restaurant is a favorite fine-dining spot in the heart of the district. They offer locally-sourced options and an extensive wine menu.

For drinks, you’ll want to head off the beaten path to the Backdoor Lounge. This little dive bar takes you back to a simpler time and embodies the true spirit of Old Sacramento. 

For activities and adventure, take a ride on the classic Ferris Wheel, enjoy a riverboat cruise, or enjoy a surprise street performance.

You can spend the whole day wandering through the district and appreciating its timeless beauty and history. Wrap yourself in the nostalgia of an old west town and feel the manifest destiny vibes that turned this piece of land into the cultural icon it is today.

Where to Stay

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